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2944 Landover St, Alexandria VA 22305 On The Market

Contemplating Homes At Warwick Village? Mull over the idea of This Interior Unit Townhouse.

Should you make an offer purchase 2944 Landover St? Frankly, Will Nesbitt really doesn't know.  That is, unless you answer a series of questions. Can you afford $650,000? Is it actually worth $693,000 or $627,000? Are you dreaming about a 3-bedroom 1-baths interior unit townhouse in 22305? Do you need 1 full baths and 0 half baths? How would you like Nesbitt Realty to rebate you $3,812 on this purchase? Phone Will Nesbitt to get an up to the minute look at exactly what $650,000 can buy you in the 22305 Zip code. Continue reading "2944 Landover St, Alexandria VA 22305 On The Market"
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244 Burgess Ave, Alexandria Real Estate Advisory

$899,000 -|- Alexandria Virginia 22305

What Stuart Nesbitt really loves about working in the 22305 zip code, is that 22305 is a great place to find a place like 244 Burgess Ave that really fits a home buyer shopping in the Alexandria area. Looking at these images and prices from the City of Alexandria, it's easy to see why this is one of our favorite neighborhoods in 22305 in Alexandria. Not to mention, even if you are not impressed by what this property can provide, a real estate shopper can benefit from this information. Continue reading "244 Burgess Ave, Alexandria Real Estate Advisory"
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2950 Sycamore St, Alexandria Real Estate Announcement

$800,000 ※ Alexandria VA 22305 - Comparables and Suggestions

Is there reason to worry, when spending $775,000 for an interior unit townhouse like 2950 Sycamore St in 22305? Possibly, you're overlooking a better location? If you're from out of the area or if you are not an expert in Alexandria, Virginia real estate, it's easy to miss some of the many homes for sale. But, Will Nesbitt will interview you to learn more about your needs and help identify the best property for you. Further, there will be pitfalls to manage and overcome.  But, a real estate pro like Will can assist you to avoid most of the problems  associated with buying a property in 22305 in Alexandria. Continue reading "2950 Sycamore St, Alexandria Real Estate Announcement"
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2805 Mosby St, Alexandria VA 22305 For Sale

Valuable Things About Homes Advertised For Sale In The City of Alexandria

2805 Mosby St is just listed and looks like a good buy in many ways. But it's not important to Nesbitt Realty that our client buys this dwelling, or any particular mid 20th-century home in Alexandria, Virginia. Rather, it's more important to our agents that we do what's perfect for our client. What's important to you?

Have you thought about:

Do you like brick duplex? Do you prefer brick or siding? What type of siding? Do you prefer hardwood floors? Do you prefer carpet or ceramic? Maybe floors aren't a big concern for you. How important is it that you stay in 22305? Have you considered neighboring areas? Continue reading "2805 Mosby St, Alexandria VA 22305 For Sale"
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What Is The Duration Of The Rental Contract Nesbitt Realty & Management Uses For A Rental In Northern Virginia?

Nesbitt Realty & Management prepares written leases for landlords with rental places in Alexandria as a part of our investment interior unit townhouse management in The City of Alexandria service. Preparing a lease is one of the most important elements of any local property manager in The City of Alexandria. Photo of 2935 Landover St
Nesbitt Realty
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Continue reading "What Is The Duration Of The Rental Contract Nesbitt Realty & Management Uses For A Rental In Northern Virginia?"
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