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National Animal Care & Control Appreciation Week Is Here

It’s the time of year when Alexandria’s wildlife comes to life — foraging, making nests, and raising their young. That translates into action-packed days for the Animal Welfare League of Alexandria’s (AWLA) Animal Services Officer and wildlife specialist Megan Lawrence. A recent call concerned a common wildlife issue: squirrels.
A baby squirrel, whose nest was destroyed on a construction site. The squirrel was transferred to a rehabilitator
According to Alexandria Gazette Packet, "A tree had been cut down In Del Ray, and in the trunk was a squirrel nest containing three babies,” Lawrence recalled. First, Lawrence and colleague Sgt. Megan Boyd removed the week-and-a-half-old babies from the log, which was now on the ground. The babies had not yet opened their eyes or developed their fluffy tails, Lawrence recalls. “They just had a thin layer of gray fur — and lots of fleas. We picked them off one by one,” she said." As per Alexandria Gazette Packet, "Lawrence and Boyd placed the babies in a modified shoebox cushioned with a synthetic squirrel nest — hand-knit by AWLA volunteers — and nailed the box as high as they could on another tree. “But the babies started screaming, mom came running, and then she looked at us.” She had already made a new plan: She took the babies out of the nest and transported them to a new one in another tree."

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Home size: 384 sq.ft.

Subdiv: Port Royal

Type: Condo for Sale

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Updated: 10/22/2021

Home size: 785 sq.ft.

Subdiv: Port Royal

Type: Condo for Sale

Added: 03/22/21

Updated: 10/20/2021

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